Designing a web site is the simple process of taking a client's ideas of what the web site is for, and translating them into attractive, functional web pages. The difficult part is developing a clear understanding of the client's expectation for the site in terms of content, use and overall design. To make it easier for us to discuss your web site goals, we suggest you do the following before contacting us:

Read our Frequently Asked Questions for some basic information about web sites and web design.
Visit our Portfolio to see if you like the look of our web work.
Look at web sites offering goods, services or information comparable to what you want to offer. Note what you like and dislike about the sites.




If it makes a difference to you how your site looks, and if you know that professional quality site design doesn't happen on a shoestring budget, then you're our type of client!

On the other hand, if you can be satisfied with a site that's amateurish, unpolished, or downright ugly, we suggest you look elsewhere.

Good site design doesn't need to be expensive. We will do our best to work within a client's budget. The sites we design make our clients look good and us as well. But don't ask us to do less than our best in order to cut costs. Either scale back on the number of pages and features of the site or find a cheaper company. Generally you get what you pay for.

We rehabilitate tired sites as well as designing new ones.
We can remodel a site that is no longer working for you. If you have some ideas about changing the site, we'll do our best to incorporate what you envision or come up with something on our own for your consideration.

Give us a call to see what might be done to rescue your site.

Ask us about about one-page web sites. Maybe you don't need more than this to get your name out there with basic business details. Own your own domain name and have your own address, not just a subdomain on someone else's site.

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